March 3, 2022 | 2 Minutes

Bank, Borrow, and Go

Points When You Need Them

By Tyler Bohlman

Say you want to take your dream international holiday, but you don’t have enough Points* to spend. Or what if you know you can’t take a holiday this year, but you still have all of your Points? As a Member, you can bank or borrow your Points, expanding your holiday options even further.

Here is a quick guide on how to borrow and bank your Points:


As a Member, you may bank some or all of your Points into the following Use Year. The period on when to bank depends on your Member benefit level.

Member and Select benefit level Members may bank up to six months prior to the end of the current Use Year. Members at the Executive, Presidential, and Chairman’s Club benefit level may bank up to four months prior to the end of the current Use Year. Banked Points may not be banked again, borrowed back, or transferred to another Member.


You may borrow all or a portion of your Points into the immediately preceding Use Year when required to confirm a holiday. Once Points are borrowed, if you cancel the holiday for which you borrowed them, these Points may be used to plan another holiday that occurs prior to their original expiration date. However, those borrowed Points cannot be banked into a following Use Year or transferred to another Member.

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